Spring rolls

Last night we made something very different for dinner, somewhat spurred on by needing to find something as a pre-dinner snack on Thanksgiving but mostly because our Twitter friend @TheNoviceChef in Florida made a video of herself making them for a blog competition she’d entered and she made it look so easy and she used all ‘normal’ stuff in them, nothing too foreign!

We cooked the noodles and chopped all the stuff up ready to roll.

Making spring rolls

Our only encounter with rice paper had been to buy some from Moore Wilson’s to take up to Mother one trip but we’d never used it ourselves – quite strange stuff! It’s really hard and brittle but once you run it through some water it becomes all smooth and almost like fine rubber. Trying to be like @TheNoviceChef we videoed making one!

They took a wee while to make and I was worried that the rice paper felt quite sticky and would be messy to eat but no need to worry! They were big enough to pop into your mouth all in one go and didn’t leave any sticky residue on your hands and they tasted really good! Even the soy sauce based dipping sauce was nice with them.

Not sure if we’ll make them for Thanksgiving yet, could be a bit mucky dealing with dipping sauce and glasses of wine from the coffee table.

Spring rolls

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