Waterfront cat

Finally got to meet the little black cat that lives on the Wellington waterfront today! When the sun began to appear in November a new friend I’ve made at work suggested we went for some lunch, and that she’d get something she could eat outside seeing as I take my lunch to work every day without fail. While getting her lunch we bumped into one of the Fuel baristas who’d just been down to the waterfront and she said ‘Oh you might see the little cat down there – she’s out right now!’ I was most intrigued and excited and after more questioning we found out that the cat appears most lunchtimes, is homeless and very friendly.

So off we rushed! Caught sight of her in the distance but she never came near where we were. And we didn’t see her the next time or the next time or the next time … then last week when we got to our lunch spot a man in an SPCA uniform was waiting nearby. We began to worry and imagine all sorts of things, mostly wondering why he had to take the cat away if she seemed happy living there and not bothering anyone. Eventually a woman came and met the SPCA man and took him around to the rocks opposite where we were sitting. He collected a cage on the way so I hoped that was a sign that the cat wasn’t too badly injured or dead. The man crawled down the rocks and rustled the cat out of a hidey place – it jumped up onto the wall next to the lady for a pat before being placed into the cage. And off the SPCA man went with the cat in the back.

We finished our lunch and wondered what was going on. I got onto Twitter when I got back to work and asked the SPCA if they knew anything

Screen shot 2010-12-08 at 9.02.52 PM

They did!

Screen shot 2010-12-08 at 8.59.01 PM

That was about a week ago, and when we went down for lunch a couple of days ago we got pretty close to her but short of crawling around behind others enjoying lunch in the sun I still didn’t get a pat. I waited patiently and called as much as I could without annoying everyone! (She’s behind the man in the blue/grey shirt.)

Waiting for the puss

Then today we made a last minute decision to go down for a quick lunch seeing as it was such a gorgeous day and we finally got to sit next to her! She loves a pat and very much enjoyed bits of ham out of Mrs H’s sandwich. I sent a photo onto the SPCA so they could see that she was being well cared for even if she didn’t have a regular house and family.

Waterfront cat

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#1 tricia on 10.31.11 at 5:53 pm

Does anyone know what happened to this cat – think she (yes, she is a she as she had kittens!) was called Gary.

I fed her twice a day for over a year then never saw her again after we had the snow in Wellington. was really sad as had thought of adopting her. I had taken a catcage and tried to catch her twice but failed. I agree = she was very friendly.

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