A couple of cat days

Mrs H brought some cat treats into work for me keep in the fridge for the times we visit the waterfront and want to coax the little black waterfront cat over for a pat. Went down today and took The Mister along to meet her – she was very interested in the treats and we got to have lots of pats!

Waterfront cat

It seems that someone does feed her though, she had her own plate of cat food there so I’m sure it must be one of the restaurants nearby that takes care of her.

Waterfront cat
Then today we went to Thorndon to meet Mrs H’s Issy. Having people over for the first time when they’re there to meet your cat breaks down all sorts of barriers because I was crawling all around their house and inviting myself into every room and nook and cranny to find the cat … well perhaps it’s just me and other first-time guests would sit politely on the couch nibbling biscuits and drinking tea! A totally adorable cat!

346 - 12 December 2010


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