Awakeri Christmas

A kid in the house meant Christmas day started at 6.30am.

Breakfast -  eggs thanks to Orange Sister’s chickens

Christmas Day 2010

Gift time – Orange Sister made this great orange quilt for the back of our couch

Christmas Day 2010

Morning tea & crafts – I got a Martha Stewart ‘Living’ magazine for Christmas and spotted a festive table decoration involving pears and cloves so we made our own interpretation. I was rather proud of it! I even uploaded it to the Your Flower Arrangements section of her website as encouraged to do in the magazine.

Christmas Day 2010

Afternoon games – once the rules were sorted out!

Christmas Day 2010

Dinner preparations – including harvesting precious potatoes and peas from the garden

Christmas Day 2010 Christmas Day 2010

Dinner – with my pear taking centre stage.

Christmas Day 2010

359 - 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas everyone!


#1 Lucy on 01.08.11 at 2:06 pm

Looks like an absolutely wonderful day! x

#2 Pear for breakfast — OrangeBlog on 01.10.11 at 2:48 pm

[…] Remember the pear studded with cloves that we made on Christmas day? […]

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