Cat fanciers

Have enjoyed the ITV series Joanna Lumley: Catwoman playing the last couple of Sundays on TV1 (yes real TV and channel 1 for that matter!) – a documentary on the history of cats and our fascination with them and the dominance they have in our lives, especially for women.


Rather a few freaky bits, a look at what some people do with their cats other than pat, feed, play and keep healthy:

  • The Japanese woman who makes cat clothes and dresses up her cats as lords and princesses and bunnies and MICE of all things (how confusing for the cat!)
  • The people who buy cute little tiger cubs for pets then wonder what to do with them when they grow to hundreds of kilos and take bites out of them and their furniture so keep them in closets and basements
  • The woman who joins together different breeds and has ended up with a bald, short-front legged, normally back-legged cat that’s beginning to resemble a small kangaroo
  • The people who are allergic to cat fur but got one anyway and have it shaved – I’ve seen many sheep being shorn in my time but watching footage of a cat being shorn made me physically cringe, just seemed so wrong!


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