18th birthday

Today my goddaughter is 18. I was there as she jiggled in my friend’s tummy and I was there when she was born. Just cannot believe that was 18 years ago! Every single year except for 2 when they were living overseas and last year due to illness we’ve met on or very near to her birthday for a coffee (well, a coffee for her mother and me).

This year I’ve written her a letter – something full of wisdom and worldly advice as she heads off to university – well not really, a little bit of reminiscing and a few words of support. I also decided it was time to give her a piece I wrote about her entry into the world – 18 years ago I sat down at my electric typewriter and wrote what I saw and felt. I thought at the time I might give it to her one day and every few years I’ve found it when moving or tidying but now’s the time. I’m also passing onto her one of my favourite photos of us – her 2nd birthday when we all just happened to be living in England and that day, were at Stonehenge.


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#1 Basel Lisa on 01.28.11 at 8:27 am

What a very good godmother you are! Love the photo — you look about 14!

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