Potato salad

Tonight we had meat and 2 veg – not a very frequent occurrence in this house but it’s potato salad season so we rustled up a steak and some beans to go with it. I have to say I make a very good potato salad (ahem) so I thought I’d share my recipe.

  • Half tub plain cottage cheese (the 200/250g tub)
  • 2 decent dsp creamy egg mayo
  • 2 spring onions
  • 6 small potatoes ( just a bit bigger than golf balls)
  • Salt & pepper

Cook the potatoes whole, in their skins about an hour before you’re ready to eat – we like the red skinned potatoes but any dug straight from the garden or with a bit of supermarket dirt on them claiming to be ‘new’ will do. Drain and leave on the bench to cool.

Just before you’re ready to eat, make the salad. Finely chop the spring onions and put them in the bowl that you’ll mix the salad in. Chop the potatoes carefully to keep as much skin on the potatoes as possible – it’ll likely tear and pull away but just be patient. I cut the potatoes length-wise then twice across so that each potato ends up in 6 perfectly mouth-sized pieces (well, my mouth).

Make the dressing (I supposed you’d call it). If you’re lucky enough to shop at Moore Wilson’s or somewhere else that does the funky looking ‘skinny’ range – get a tub of that cottage cheese. Not for it’s slimming properties (if that’s what the skinny even refers to) but because of it’s excellent texture and taste.


Put half a tub of cottage cheese and 2 generous spoonfuls of egg mayo into a small mixing bowl.


Give it a good stir up with the spoon until it smooths out a bit. It’s at this point I do the smell test – not sure how to explain it but it’s a thing I do with coleslaw dressing as well – take a whiff – I should smell *slightly* more mayo than it does cottage cheese, but you should be able to smell both. Add a decent pinch of rock salt and a few grinds of pepper.

Pour it onto the chopped potatoes and push the spoon right underneath to the spring onions and turn the lot over a few times rather than stirring it so that the potatoes and skins stay fairly well intact and joined – careful not to (as I say to The Mister when he helps me bake) ‘bash it all to bits’!


Eat it straight away, at room temperature. YUM. (Probably serves 3 easily or 2 if you like to go back for more!)


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