Aidan watch

Last weekend we had a couple of days in Blenheim – thankfully not as hot as the visit at New Year and we got to have some quality cat time with the new addition, Butterball Brown.

Aidan’s growing up fast and certainly remembers us between each visit and our particular relationship with him (including wanting to play ‘blow kiss’ with me at his bedtime instead of the obligatory toddler slobber-kiss that parents often force their kids to plant on whoever is staying), although won’t talk on the phone to us yet. He’s very much a little boy, pretty rowdy and destructive but exploring all corners of his personality. About 6 weeks between our last 2 visits, with 2 quite different and memorable conversations with me:

January (after pulling down his pants and running bare-bummed around the garden, came up to me and hoisted up his shirt) “Cathy? Do you like penises?”

February (while sitting at the breakfast bar and showing me a book of felt animals, he rested his little chin in his little cupped hand and looked up at me) “Cathy? Where did you get that lovely top?”

Adorable and somewhat unexpected on both occasions.

And he’s pretty keen on The Mister.

Little boy's best friend


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