Visiting Butterball Brown

Got to meet the lovely orange puss when in Blenheim at the weekend. He’s settling in very well and is a pretty lovely and placid cat. Apparently he was living at the SPCA for about 3 months before going home with Dean & Steph.

He took to me pretty much straight away – whether my general orange vibe (wore an orange t-shirt especially for meeting him) or my cat voice – either way, smooched and enjoyed a big pat not long after meeting.

Introducing myself to Butterball Brown

We don’t know much of his history, he’s not really a knee cat but will sit crammed up next to you, and he did sleep on the bed for an hour or so on the first night, right on top of my foot but jumped off when I had to move because I had pins and needles.

He did sleep at the other end of the couch and eventually right next to me with his back leg draped across my lap while I was knitting and even though he jumps at loud noises and the vacuum cleaner he didn’t bat an eye lid when a bottle of champagne was uncorked so he must’ve come from an orange, champagne-drinking, knitting household!

Knitting with Butterball


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