Portland – Day 5

Last day of conferences for The Mister today (NodeConf) – this time he had to go way out the other end of the main city for it. I had a meeting set up with an accountant who was coming down from Seattle to meet me so I didn’t go on The Mrs activities for this conference – although it was a food tour and I knew by now that Portland is a bit of a food town so I was a bit sad to miss out on it.

We had breakfast together at Public Domain and I ended up staying there working for a couple of hours before heading to the edge of the city to Union Station to meet the accountant. I wandered through the rather pretty Pearl District.


I was pretty amazed this accountant would come all the way (3 hours drive) to meet me. It was a great meeting too – she was so enthusiastic about Xero and I learned a bit about how she runs her business and why she loves Xero. Lucky I had some Xero goodies to give her – the keep cups were a huge hit! I’ll probably put a post and video up on the Xero blog when I get back.

In the afternoon after a bit more work back at the hotel I went on my own adventure back over the river – still a couple of places on my coffee map to see and I didn’t feel like working out the bus so I went to one that was quite close on the other side that I could walk to. Took me a while to figure out how to get up onto the bridge and after some initial panic that it was cars only I saw a guy heading towards it so followed him!

Portland over the river

This evening I met The Mister half way between the hotel and his conference, which was back in the Pearl District and after a dinner that was not that impressive despite the very cool Italian brick restaurant (too much cardamon in my pasta) we went home on a route that took us past the cupcake shop I’d seen on my walk earlier. YUM – Cupcakes Jones – snaps for being open in the evening and snaps for having mini cupcakes – just a couple of mouthfuls as a sweet treat after dinner.

Portland cupcakes!


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