Beautiful Bay Bridge

Having a busy time again in San Francisco and can’t stop myself falling back into the tiring routine of trying to clear all my emails and other stuff requiring a response in the evenings because NZ is online and the email just keeps coming. We end up having a full day of meetings during the day then try and jam a full day of computer work in at night – when we live here I’ll have to find the discipline to just leave emails and queries alone until my working day. Ha!

Anyway it’s lovely looking out the hotel window at night to the Bay Bridge and the hotel has fresh-baked cookies and milk at 9pm so have to be up and about enough to rush down and get some! The first night one jug of milk was finished so I started the next one … it looked a bit grey and shiny … thought it might be soy milk … took a mouthful – YUCK it was! So we got down to the lobby last night at 9:01pm to make sure we could drink from the first jug – much better.

Nighttime view

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#1 Short Dark Friend on 06.09.11 at 7:39 am

Ooh lovely photo OG. I remember trying Soy milk. I agree Yuck! SDF xox

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