My house my castle

San Francisco Bay Bridge – you make my heart skip a beat – such a majestic structure and in a series of amazing coincidences we have an apartment to live in for the next year at least where we will get to look out at you every day!

That’s right folks – the unexpected happened and providing we check out on paper we’ve been accepted for an apartment in San Francisco! Much much earlier than we thought but just too good to pass up 🙂

  • When we were last here we walked around in the area south of Market St and took a couple of photos of buildings we thought might be cool to live in to remind us to check them out when we were here in August apartment hunting.
  • On our tour of apartments with the broker during the week, without knowing it she brought us to one of the apartment buildings we’d taken a photo of.
  • The apartment had orange(ish) walls and a gorgeous view of the Bay Bridge.
  • We met the owner and without paperwork passed inspection so for now all the scary stories are not true – she’s taken us on as tenants without money or fingerprints and with a long lead time until the lease (obviously until we sign it could all fall through!)
  • The owner’s favourite colour is orange 🙂

Now it *does* feel real. When we come back in August we’ll have somewhere to live. Can’t believe it.

Finger's crossed


#1 Short Dark Friend on 06.12.11 at 12:49 pm

Thats so exciting. And what a great view. PS what are the chances of another ‘orange’ lover? SDF

#2 Lana Banana on 06.15.11 at 12:19 am

WOW, love the view!

#3 Short Blonde Friend on 06.16.11 at 6:17 pm

How fabulous, can’t wait to come visit! SBF

#4 Tony Bain on 06.20.11 at 2:55 pm

Oh cool, I know that part of town well, good place to be. Will come and visit you in about a month.

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