Farewell foods

After the Birthday Pie farewell with my family last weekend it was onto our Wellington family this week – rather humbling the people who’ll miss us.

A special morning tea was held at Xero on Wednesday – they’d organised mini date scones (and cheese scones) by the guys at Nikau and mini orange-themed passion fruit cupcakes from Cupcakes. Man I was on a sugar high that day!

Farewell morning tea at Xero

The final Wednesday Dinner Club with SDF – one of the rare ones at her place (no she didn’t cook) but she arranged hokey pokey ice-cream as a New Zealand treat. We’ve been dinner clubbing for many many years now – she wrote about it with more pictures on her blog.

Wednesday Dinner Club

Of course we went to Capitol last night – glasses of bubbles, a special tasting of beetroot soup in tulip cups (man it was good, never will I be dubious of beetroot soup again although it did look like a berry smoothy!) and ravioli.

Last day in Wellington today and last Saturday breakfast at Nikau for a while. My orange cup is going up onto the shelf to wait for our next visit. Our urban family joined us and we spent most of the morning there – then it was almost straight to the airport so we didn’t have much time to ponder what we were about to do!

Family breakfast

Farewell all 🙂


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