Girls’ weekend

Had a great weekend, well, barely 24 hours with Sara and Lucy staying on their way back through to Melbourne. The Mister was away in Kansas on a work trip which left me to meet them off the plane, get them into town, tour them around, organise a dinner, show them the coffee highlights, take them to the shops and generally hostess them all on my own. Had a great time and I didn’t get lost taking them on a well planned loop including a stop in at the office and a 45 minute wait for a coffee at Blue Bottle Mint. The apartment worked out well for visitors although having no iron meant I had to live through every housewife’s nightmare of having guests sleeping on unironed pillow cases – horror! It’s bad enough I have to sleep on the crinkles let alone guests!

It was so great to catch up and here’s a favourite memory – Blue Bottle coffee on the orange chairs in the Mint.

Girls weekend!

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#1 Short Dark Friend on 08.22.11 at 9:46 pm

OG, bet the Mister was bummed he missed out on the girls weekend!

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