Tram ride

This weekend just gone we finally got to ride on the rattly trams (as I’m calling them) – the above ground trolley cars or trams that run along Market Street. I believe these ones are taken by the locals who need to go places, tourists take the ones that look more like street cars, lining up for hours to ride up to the top of Powell Street … hoping they don’t get to relive the runaway tram moments from various movies.

We’d tried to take the tram a couple of times before but after a very long wait decided we were doing something wrong, no trams came. This time, a Saturday morning, we didn’t have to wait long and only had a short conversation with a homeless man at the tram stop “where y’all from? France?” … I know we’ve got an accent but no … before clambouring on to take rather uncomfortable seats for our ride a couple of miles up Market Street – the trams really do rattle along. Our destination was Four Barrel – finally getting out to try their coffee seeing as that’s where we’d been told to go a couple of times if we liked really good coffee.

I was hoping to ride on the orange tram, but a newer green and cream one picked us up. On the way back to town, the same, and I was rather annoyed to see that an orange tram was right behind us and caught us up!

Tram excursion


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