Kansas, Missouri

Slightly more East than the centre of America – I know because I folded the USA map from the inflight magazine in half to determine just where our almost 4 hour flight was taking us. Also I was confused why that part of the country is referred to as the mid-West when clearly it’s mid or mid-East!

Kansas was home to another accountants’ conference where we sat at the back of a conference room for 4 days talking to people about Xero in their breaks. The conference was in the same 80’s hotel as where we were staying – still in the dark ages requiring us to pay for internet in our room and making us pay for each device … 2 laptops, 2 phones … $40 for internet? We had a cool view of the Liberty Memorial though which captured my interest when I was trying to fall asleep because of it’s orange ‘flame’.

Kansas Westin Hotel

Kansas Liberty Memorial sunset

It was cold in Kansas – 5 degrees in the morning and about 13 during the day, not that we got out much. There were some amazing autumn colors in the trees.

Orange tree in Kansas

Some of the conference days were half days and after some research I found a coffee place to try – had to go on a bus where I don’t think anyone riding it on any of the days we went (several trips once we discovered how good the coffee was) had ever seen anyone in an orange coat judging by all eyes on me!

Here I am waiting for the bus.

Waiting for the bus in Kansas

In the evenings we went out with accountants and one night on our own for The Mister’s birthday. There’s a lot of BBQ in that town and no green vegetables. I got to try a proper pulled pork sandwich – not bad but it was the size of a truck!

No idea where the shops are or movie theaters – all out of town in malls I guess. Union Station was impressive and housed another cafe with really good coffee.

Kansas Union Station

The airport is brown and small and old and we got a tiny Blenheim sized plane on to New York – it’s alright being in one of those planes for 20 minutes but 3 hours?


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