Orange cast

We have more orange in our lives right now, in the form of a forearm cast on The Mister’s left arm. The day before we went to London he crushed his thumb under something heavy. It was sore and red and swollen and angry by the time we went to work and by the time we came home from work that same day it was 100% bruised and down into the palm of his hand. Colleagues from work were over for pizza that night, he could still bend and wiggle his thumb, not broken was the consensus.

Off we went to London, then home again to meet his parents off the plane and play hosts to them, then a 3 day train trip to Denver, then back to work. The bruising was gone, the swelling had gone down a little, but the thumb was still very fat and hurt to hold anything with any conviction in that hand. Off to the doctor he went, then to an x-ray where he got the news of the break, then to an orthopedic surgeon to see how to fix it. Turns out it was a little bit of knuckle bone chipped right off and it hadn’t been able to reattach itself because he kept bending and using this thumb. Apparently a good thing because with immobilization i.e. a cast and some ‘finger therapy’ it should make a full recovery.

We didn’t quite realize the cast would be fitted there and then! The casting lady open the cupboard of boys’ colors and asked The Mister what he’d like. I was certain I’d seen people with orange casts so I pushed in and opened the other cupboard and hey presto, pinks, mauves, yellow and orange! He chose that 🙂

Orange cast!

So we have 3 weeks of one-handedness, luckily not too much pain but a whole lot of awkwardness and impatience having to lug the cast around and a very limited wardrobe because we don’t want to cut slits in the sleeves of jackets and shirts! He’s getting plenty of interest around town with people yelling out of car windows or commending him in the street for showing such staunch support for the city’s baseball team (in the World Series this year), the very orange San Francisco Giants!

Not long to go Mister, better this nuisance than arthritis in your thumb!

Orange cast!


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