Summer in New York

We’re in the middle of our first summer in New York. Some observations:

  • I’ve worn jandals everyday for as long as I can remember. Undoubtedly really bad for my feet, they seem to have spread and I’m worried about putting closed shoes on a gain, but for now they’re comfortable. Tried to be a lady and wear sandals one day but omg the swelling left lashing marks and made the cankels look worse. Old lady feet.
  • People eat outside. Everyone’s going on about roof-top bars and how they got entry to some hotel pool.
  • Subway stations are even hotter, buses and trains are really cold inside.
  • It’s hot. So frickin hot. Like I cannot describe hot. When you first step outside of an air-conditioned building there’s that little tingly thrill of warmth, like feeling the sun in winter, but by the time you’ve walked half a block your skin has taken on a sticky sheen. Breathing is difficult. And if the sun comes out it’s blistering. not blistering burning like NZ but it’s like the air is hot. If you’re outside there’s no way to get away from it. We’ve picked a route for the part of our journey to work that we have to walk that is a little longer outside but goes under scaffolding and down streets where the buildings shelter from the sun. When we wait to cross the road we stand in a line trying to keep as much of our bodies in the shadow a lamp post as possible. People who’ve not lived here for a decent amount of time look wretched and uncomfortable, local still walk with purpose.
  • Dresses, meh, tried to wear one to keep cool and be like all the other girls but what they don’t tell you is that you get clammy and sweaty under your butt cheeks and where your legs rub together – it’s more uncomfortable than wearing jeans and hard to walk in a ladylike manner!
  • Electricity bill will be monstrous. You worry about the air-conditioning going on the blink.
  • People drink iced coffee. I think we’re still the only ones getting cappuccinos.
  • Air-conditions drip from above.



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