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Xero knitting #22

My last Xero knitting was for none other than Mrs Jam-off! Rivalry aside, little Poppy needed a Xero cardie in honor of her dad being a long-time Xero.

Xero knitting #22

Xero knitting #22

It was so great to meet Poppy when we were in New Zealand and give her a cuddle and a cardie!

Meeting Poppy

When the Wellington summer cooled a little, she rocked those Xero colors – awesome!

I'm a motherflippin' Xero rockstar

Xero knitting #21

Xero knitting #21

The next Xero knitting project was a quick one for a Xero partner’s new son Archer born in March – a beanie to match Xero knitting #13 for his dad! It was very well received and goes very well with Archer’s onesie – seen here on Twitter!

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 4.06.22 PM

Orange jacket

I knitted this for my colleague’s baby – she made a comment about how great he’d look in orange – I had no knitting projects on the go so couldn’t resist.

Orange jacket

Xero knitting #20 on show

We had a mini heatwave again last week – last Monday and Tuesday it was 29 degrees both days and it’s slowly cooled down during the week to what felt quite wintry yesterday. Time to get out the coats. And time for babies to wear their new sweaters. I love this photo of Dom in his Xero sweater – such a pose for one so young 🙂


Xero knitting #20

Finished knitting for my first US colleague! And after our trip to Seattle a couple of months ago and the interest the Avalara wives took in my knitting for Xero colleagues, I had a new label to sew into this jumper. Not entirely sure how you’re supposed to keep the stitches hidden and I hope it’s not too scratchy for a baby but looked good I thought!

Xero knitting #20

Xero knitting #20

The baby’s been born, just need to organize a visit so I can hand over the knitting.

Xero knitting #19

Knitted 2 things for my latest Xero friend who’s daughter was born in August. I was thrilled the knitting made it to Wellington so quickly and in under a week from finishing it I had a picture of the garments being modeled! The Xero cardigan was a given

Xero knitting #19

but I also wanted something orange this time around so whipped up a newborn flower beanie – first attempt at this pattern and at a fiddly flower- turned out great!

Tiny beanie project

And here’s the darling Isla, only about a week old in her Xero and orange knitting 🙂

isla knitting 2

isla knitting 1 575

Update: April 2013 – Isla is still getting use out of her cardigan!


Xero knitting #8 hand-me-down!

Well, this is the first time a colleague has sent me a picture of number 2 bub in one of my Xero cardies 🙂 This is Edee wearing her big sister Sophie’s hand-me-down Xero knitting #8 looking very mischievous. I smiled wide when I saw the tweet from her dad!

Screen Shot 2012-09-15 at 8.46.08 PM

Xero knitting #17 & 18 on show

Little Eliza and Olive got big enough just in time to wear their cardigans for winter – aren’t they adorable and rather mischievous looking?!


Xero knitting #17 & 18

Big job to knit 2 at once but I have done over the course of winter evenings in San Francisco to give to new twins born to Xero since we’ve been away. They’re so tiny now but should fit the cardigans by the time the New Zealand winter rolls around.

Xero knitting # 17 & 18

Happiness is a green hat

Being from Florida, Kara doesn’t own many woolly things – especially not hats, scarves or gloves. She mentioned she was looking for a snugly woolly hat and of course I had to show off about my knitting. I took my beanie pattern book into work to see if there was one she liked then set about finding some wool. Not so easy here! Shops are not in the city, they seem to be little specialty shops out in the burbs. However, it seems that Patons, a wool I used in New Zealand a lot, could be ordered online here. I picked what I hoped was a good green – she loves green … I didn’t tell her I was making it.

Green hat for Kara

I gave it to her this morning. She opened it and grabbed it and said something like “Holy crap, I’m I’m speechless, I thought if I was lucky I might get something by next winter. I love it. Holy crap. Best. Monday. Ever.” I was happy! And so was she – it was put on straight away!

New hat worn all day!

And didn’t take it off for the rest of the day 🙂

New hat worn all day!