Love the lovely functional spec

Maybe I’m in the wrong job. Ever since I left IT to work in the environmental sector I’ve been unsure if that feeling in the pit of my stomach has been an ongoing tug to get back into IT work.

Yesterday I was asked to devote some time to writing a functional specification for some enhancements to a system I project managed a year ago. Back then I was in heaven – I’d only been in my environmental job 2 months when I was asked to work on this development project. That work ended 8 months ago.

However, today I’ve begun writing the function specification for the enhancements. Oh how energised I feel. How I love reading the screeds of text that flow from my fingers which almost comes as second nature when you know a system, know what you’re writing about and why, and feel confident that what you’re doing is what’s expected and is going to be absolutely critical to a successful solution. In 3.5 hours I feel like I have achieved more than I have done in the last 8 months.

Is IT my true calling?


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