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Color in the East Village

Great use of a blank wall. A lot of street fashion bloggers come here to use this as a back drop. We were standing in front of it today waiting for the bus.

East Village

A break from the office

Sometimes you just have to get out of the office.

Looking out to the Statue of Liberty

Sometime later … this looks a bit like I got up from my chair and jumped on a boat. Actually I just walked down the road and leaned on the rail for a while to collect my thoughts. Contemplative times at work these last few weeks.

What’s your fav train?

Now that we live here I love seeing these random compilations of a New Yorker’s experience of life as we start to identify with some of these. Laughed out loud at this ranking of subway trains! We’ve been on lots of them and currently commute for work via the 1 train and use the C a bit to start journeys uptown.

Check it out: The Definitive Ranking of New York City Subway Trains.

Subway car to ourselves!1 train last week when we experienced a very rare empty car & it’s orange!

New York letting off some steam

New York letting off some steam #nyc

First New York snow!

Yesterday we had our first day of snow in the city and we braved it! It was pretty exciting to wake up to a light dusting on the neighboring roofs and it stayed snowing most of the day. We managed to get some last minute Christmas gifts, get coffee and go to the grocery store and didn’t arrive home too bedraggled!

Woke up to snow!

First day out in the NYC snow

First day out in the NYC snow

First day out in the NYC snow

First day out in the NYC snow

Snow globe on a snow day #nyc

The snowy streets are bare except for the poor guys on bikes delivering take-out #nyc

Snowflake lights

These snowflake light adornments on the lamp posts in our neighborhood are very cool. They look amazing in the wintry dusk light.

Snowflake lights on lamp posts. Spring Street #nyc

Supreme Coffee in NYC!!

Well, maybe just for a weekend but I just found out on Twitter that Supreme Coffee is being showcased at Bluebird Coffee Shop in the East Village this weekend. I am beside myself!

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.27.40 PM


Autumn in Central Park

One of my favorite photos from the last couple weeks. We went up to Central Park 3 weekends in a row in October waiting for the trees to change color and the first weekend in November there was a fair amount of color. We had this quiet spot to ourselves for a while.

Fall colors in Central Park

More color in the park:

Fall colors in Central Park

Fall colors in Central Park

Fall colors in Central Park

Fall colors in Central Park

Fall colors in Central Park

Fall colors in Central Park

Now 2 weeks later we’re bundled up in coats and hats with temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees C!

New York sunset


Taken in Noho

Walking from bridge to bridge

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 6.26.49 PM

The whole time we’ve lived in San Francisco we’ve thought we’d like to do the walk from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge. This week an initiative started that Xero is taking part in, the Global Corporate Challenge which is a worldwide workplace heath and wellbeing event that companies take part in to get their staff moving – teams of 7 from companies around the world wear a step-counter and count their steps for 16 weeks with the goal of doing 10,000 steps a day. I’ve joined a San Francisco team. So a great opportunity to do this walk and have our steps count for our team.

The walk is 6.1 miles – we caught the bus to the city side of the Golden Gate bridge and walked along the trail from there through Chrissy Field, through the marina and Fort Mason then on a trail up and over to Fisherman’s Wharf and along to the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge. It took 2 hours and about 13,000 steps. It’s a really pleasant walk, sometimes on gravel, sometimes on trails and sometimes on the sidewalk. The only unpleasant part is through Fisherman’s Wharf – so many tourists and smelly crabs!

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge


Fort Mason Green

Golden Gate Bridge


Fisherman's Wharf

Ferry Building

Bay Bridge