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Orange leaves in Massachusetts

Orange leaves

Paris is quite orange at night


Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

From the latest issue of Orange Interiors magazine

Naaaaah, no such magazine but if there was one I’m sure our apartment would feature in it! For those who’ve been asking for some pictures of our apartment, here you go.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 3.05.07 PM

Christmas Tree 2012

My this blog has become a barren wasteland of inactivity. Sorry about that. Here’s our Christmas tree this year.

Christmas tree 2012

Orange Civic Center

Lots of things around town displayed orange for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th birthday celebrations. I especially loved seeing San Francisco’s City Hall/Civic Center all lit up in orange last night as we were coming home from the fireworks display.

Orange Civic Centre

Human 75 for the bridge’s birthday

Here’s the photo from the helicopter after a crowd of us in orange attempted to make the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday but had to reassemble at the last minute into a 75 because there weren’t enough people. Gorgeous orange line shows roughly where we were on the 7 – Happy Birthday bridge!


Human Golden Gate Bridge

We joined lots of orange clad people yesterday morning at Crissy Field to make a human Golden Gate bridge, to be photographed from a helicopter with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, to be made into a postcard as part of the 75th anniversary celebrations. Something like this from the Golden Gate National Parks website:


However, not enough people showed up, the dogs in their orange outfits didn’t even make up enough numbers, so they opted to just do the 75 out of humans. Not sure if they’re going to Photoshop in the other 1000 people they needed or just make a big 75 on the grass in front of the bridge – that’d be kind of cool I reckon. We were on the side of the 7 so hopefully we can see ourselves although so many people in orange it’s doubtful! There was a woman in the crowd who’d walked across the bridge on the day it opened in 1937 with her grandparents and she got up on the organizer’s ladder to tell us about it via megaphone with loads of clapping and cheering!

Originally we were going to stand on the deck of the bridge on the San Francisco side – the organizers marked our orange spot

Crissy Field to make a human bridge

And we dutifully stood there with patches of people making up the towers and the central suspension cable

Crissy Field to make a human bridge

Once we were all asked to abandon our posts and reassemble into the 75 it looked a bit more dense so I think they made the right decision

Crissy Field to make a human bridge

Now we wait until Tuesday to see the actual photo from the helicopter, and sometime later in the year the postcards! How exciting to be part of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th birthday, even though I do have affections for the Bay Bridge – it was 75 late last year but there were no official celebrations (the bridge is pretty pissed about that, it told me so on Twitter!) Next weekend Crissy Field will be overrun by thousands gathering for an actual birthday party and fireworks.

Urban meadow

There’s an Urban Meadow on the walk to work – some might say abandoned lot – but it’s fenced off, has a beehive, lots of long flowing grass and other weedy looking things (could be anything, after all this is San Francisco) and today I noticed, lots of orange flowers that have bloomed in the last couple of days in the mini heat wave. Very pretty.

Urban Meadow

Urban Meadow

Orange juicer

We’ve seen a mechanical juicer in action at Elite Audio Cafe and wondered about getting one. An appliance to just make toast seems acceptable to me but one to just do orange juice seemed a bit of an extravagance. However, when we saw them on sale at the Ferry Building today we decided to get one. And then a $10 bag of oranges which didn’t get me as many oranges as I’d hoped!

We had orange juice for afternoon tea today – fresh orange juice is just so good. We’re amazed how much juice it gets out of an orange, 2 oranges each got us a good glassful. A good buy!

Orange juicer

Montage maker

Found this cool site/tool on an ex-colleagues blog – Montage Maker – go there and type in a topic, orange, coffee, seaside … and it scours the internet for images that match the description. Obviously I typed in orange. Result is cool!

Orange montage