What is it about Wellington?

I was asked very directly by an Aucklander today why it is I like Wellington. When put like that I was almost stumped for words and as a result has been the cause for much thought over the last couple of hours since I was asked. If I were to answer straight off, not based on comparison with any other place some of the things I’d say:

  • it’s familiar in terms of places and people and I’m building a history for myself here having lived here 3-years shy of half my life
  • whether summer or winter there’s no more stunning a blue than the blue the sky here gets
  • coffee snobs and cafes
  • the city scape directed by hills and water
  • it’s a city but it’s compact enough to feel cosy if you’re in that kind of mood
  • and some specifics: Fuel, Civic Square, the waterfront, Capitol, Nikau, Moore Wilson’s, fireworks on the harbour, The Terrace …

See? Kind of a hard question to answer. I just love it.


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