Walking along the road I saw …

I almost need to start up another category about odd things I see when I’m walking the route between home-work and work-coffee – the last 3 days have turned up 3 odd sightings.

Tuesday I saw a dead weta, right there on the footpath in the sun – absolutely not the weta’s habitat so I assumed it was dead – no way I was going to poke it. Plus the ripple effect of me stopping on the footpath to have a look was bad enough let alone beginning to poke around with it.

Wednesday I saw a load of potatoes on a drain grill (or is that grille?) You just don’t expect to see loose potatoes anywhere except the supermarket, market, garden, potato bin in the bottom of the pantry … but in the gutter? They looked like new potatoes – again, without poking I couldn’t ascertain whether they were cooked or raw. You have to ask yourself – how did they get there? Someone was rearranging their shopping in the boot and they fell out? The cleaners of the adjacent building had dropped their bag of rubbish the night before after cleaning up from a catered event involving potatoes? A scavenging animal or person spilled rubbish from Leuven bags left out the night before and the early morning street sweeper pushed them into the gutter? Interesting

Today I saw on the footpath a piece of a man’s belt. Looks like the belt had become so worn at the notch by the buckle that it had finally given way. Some poor bloke was probably on his way to work this morning and hitched up his pants and tightened his belt and it came right off in his hand.

Wonder what I’ll see later when I go out for coffee …


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