Espresso Republic

On these cold days when I don’t feel like standing in the open air down at Fuel, I scoot along to Espresso Republic on Featherston St for a piccolo latte. However, nothing beats Fuel which is why I keep asking myself why I set myself up to be disappointed by going to places other than Fuel.

Random thoughts from today’s visit (well, not that random because I’ve had them all before)

  1. The coffee is always different. Even if the same person is making it. Just when you feel like coffee with a kick it, it kicks twice as hard as you want. And the very next time it’s just a glass of warm milk.

  2. The cookies are enormous. I do like going there because they have home baking but why does everything have to be so huge? Perhaps so they can justify charging $2 or $3.

  3. The worst crime of all is reheating old milk. YUCK! Milk from a previous jug is topped up while still warm and re-steamed. I just don’t know how they can put their hands on their hearts and believe they are making good coffee. I guess they are just slamming them out as quick as can be and are not going for pure flavours.

I should just give up and go back to Fuel but I like the social aspect of a cafe even when I’m alone. I wish Fuel would hurry up and build their next cafe, to be on Waring Taylor St.


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