Domestic bliss on a Sunday

(Listening to: Cold Play’s new album ;-))

I say ‘bliss’ with a modicum of sarcasm. Sometimes it just can’t be avoided, doing all the cliche domestic things half the town seems to be doing, and it’s funny how when out and about couples exhibit the same behaviour patterns and you overhear conversations similar to your own …

Enough cryptic-ness – here’s my domestic list for this particular Sunday:

  • breakfast in bed in flannelette
  • fold washing from yesterday and put in hot water cupboard
  • do hand washing and hang it out
  • put another load of washing on
  • clean up bench including crumbs under toaster
  • try to get partner to engage in exciting task of preparing shopping list
  • nag about the rubbish
  • go through the car wash
  • go around Freedom looking at shelves (overhearing typical snippets … discussions about whether more towels are really necessary, excitement over lazy boy lounge suites, debates over which wood stain is darker – pine or walnut (boys don’t know anything!)…)
  • go around Big Save looking at shelves, momentarily distracted in the fold-out couch section
  • go to supermarket for the once in a while trip because Moore Wilson’s is SO much more our style (snobs!) and come away with a 12-pack of toilet paper (can’t leave anything to the boys), supermarket branded milk (don’t they realise Sunday afternoon is the busiest time and stock up), handee towels, toothbrush heads, peanut butter…

But then I came home, made good espresso that rivals many cafes, cranked up the home theatre surround sound, updated my website and my blog so things don’t seem so typically domestic anymore! Could’ve had a cup of instant, done the ironing and blanched some cauliflower to freeze for when it gets too expensive to buy fresh!!


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