Another friend has joined the long list of people I know with iPods. I’m just not an iPod (or any portable musical device) type of person. I can see the attraction of them, and they’re funky clever little things if you like personal music when you’re walking or working or travelling or whatever.

Perhaps I can’t cope with listening and doing because I need my wits in typical iPod situations:

  • At work I benefit enormously from overhearing what’s going on around me. I don’t find it a distraction – well maybe when writing a difficult report or paper but there are deathly quite times at work in the morning and over the lunch-hour which I can use. Also I’m so jumpy I need to hear people coming.
  • I enjoy walking, even to and from work, and pass the time by looking and listening to what’s going on around me. I also do a lot of thinking when I’m walking so need an empty head. My experience on these journeys is that if you ever encounter a person with ear phones you have to give them a wide berth as they are prone to changing direction without knowing anyone else is near by that they are going to step on – I’m always the one that gets stepped on or knocked or forced onto the road because with busy ears it seems vision is affected. Also I’m afraid of getting run over, even by a bike, because I couldn’t hear what was coming.
  • Anyway, what on earth would I listen to? I very rarely buy CDs, I have a few old favourites to listen to in the car and actually allow the Mister to fill up the CD-changer (as long as not banging drums or repetitive rowdy guitar solos …). Plus I’m such a crooner that I would undoubtedly be unable to control the urge to ‘sing’ and just embarrass myself “who painted the moooooooooooon black … la laaaa laaa la“ Yick!

However, perhaps I should reconsider based on the ‘cool’ vibe they give off – people wear them prominently as a clothing accessory, and as I’m learning, they are ‘the’ thing to have. And they do come in orange …


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