Purchased Scrabble at the weekend. I must say, I was not that impressed to find that we’d spent $40 on far less than what was in the box when I was a kid – no green baggie for the letters to live in (just a plastic bag which is dumb because you can see though it duh!); wooden tiles which arrived on strips of Sellotape which means they’re now sticky and stick to the board, your hands, the inside of the plastic bag; no pencils and no little score pad! Hrumfff!

However, we played our first ever game of Scrabble together – we’re not that good – using only 3 and 4 letter words mostly but in an absolute fluke (despite a strong start from yours truly) we ended up with exactly the same score! Crazy aye!

Second game, I won, but got exactly the same score as the first time! Double craziness …


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