What your handwriting reveals

Today I had wrote a half-page note to a friend and when I was reading it over a random thought popped into my head when I noticed I’d not dotted many of my i’s – if a handwriting expert got a hold of this sample, would they proclaim me lazy?

Being curious (not that my handwriting necessarily reveals that about me) I “asked the Internet” (a cute phrase I heard the other day which I’ve adopted as my own), and now I have my very own Personal Handwriting Analysis (from some dreadfully tacky, unauthoratitive website somewhere).

Believe it, or not:

  • sometimes you may blow your top when you get frustrated, but you don’t do it every time;

  • you are poor with details, careless and forgetful (this is the not dotting i’s result);

  • you do not have a lot of staying-power and may quit tasks after a short period of time;

  • you prefer logic and reasoning, and you have little or no intuitive ability;

  • you may be too open-minded. It may be too easy for you to accept other people’s points of view. This could be an indication that you are gullible;

  • you don’t need to have others approve of what you do;

  • your sense of humour does not show openly;

  • you are not self-conscious, and have nothing to worry about;

  • you are not sensitive to criticism at all.  You can be objective about the opinions of other people and accept or reject these opinions without getting emotional about them;

  • you are rigid. You are obsessed with structure and have a fear of being proved wrong.  You are imposing stress on yourself and others around you;

  • you have weak willpower.  You are not too clear about your goals.  You may have a vague idea – perhaps someday you will get around to them;

  • you worry about certain things, but not everything.


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