Melbourne Cup Day observations

I’ve just been down the road for coffee and saw 3 instances of what I assume this was … people in 2’s and 1’s arrived on the corner of Featherston and Hunter Streets and hovered, troubled, staring in the window of the Country Theme store that is now there. Some head scratching, conferring with their companion and wayward glances up and down the street followed, before wandering off, a final glance over their shoulder. I observed all this while waiting to cross the road and figured that they’re all doing the same thing – looking for the TAB! They were wondering a) when it disappeared, b) why they hadn’t noticed it until now, and c) where the hell is the nearest one? I *almost* approached the 3rd lot of people I saw but seeing as I only had my observations to go on I thought it might be strange (or insulting) if I asked them if they were looking for a TAB when they were just contemplating returning to the car to put more money in the meter.

By the way, the TAB has shifted 2 blocks down Featherston Street to Panama Street and the queue was out the door.

Oh, and the obligatory office sweep stake is underway at work.


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