Writing a children’s book

Last night I started writing a children’s book.

Actually, it’s going to be a story for my niece – not quite as formal, but still, a children’s book! She was very fascinated by our photos of the balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and when my mother suggested I could get some copies for her to take to school as ‘news’ I thought about turning the photos into a bit of a story. Which means trying to explain some interesting stuff to a 6 year old, like what and where New York is and therefore the concept of the ‘other side of the world’, the enormity of Macy’s itself, the balloons being the size of buildings – but not NZ buildings – New York buildings! All in words that a 6 year old can read themselves. I’d imagine this exercise will be fun and frustrating but worth it – she’ll love it.


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