Is our building earthquake-prone or not?

Following on from my wasted effort a few days ago to find a list of pre-1965 buildings in Wellington that are likely to need earthquake-proofing; I was pleased to see that the Council today have released a document for public submission – Draft Earthquake-prone Buildings Policy. Finally, someone is going to tell me whether our building is on the list.

But no.

The following sets out the procedure Council will use to establish the earthquake-prone status of all buildings.

And once the have identified buildings, owners will be issued a notice to fix or demolish within X years based on a risk rating. I want to know now! Searching through the rest of the policy I came excitedly upon a section that looked like it would answer my question.

But no.

5. Availability of Earthquake-Prone Building Information
The database of potentially earthquake prone buildings is publicly available upon request and includes information that is already provided in Land Information Memoranda. The database will provide a summary of the data and also the current status of the building as potentially earthquake prone or earthquake prone. It will note whether this information is pending an outcome of an assessment to determine its correct status. The information will continue to be included in property reports and Land Information Memoranda.

Thanks to the bad grammar in this section I can’t tell if the database exists or will exist. I don’t know enough about building regulations to know if this database is something that will help me or not. I suppose if it holds LIM information then I could contact our Body Corporate to see if there is a LIM – we didn’t get one when we bought our apartment – tsk tsk. I just want to know how old our building is!

So my search continues.


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