Out my window today I saw …

… the horizon. Maintain eye contact with the horizon and you won’t get motion sick.

Yep – we’re swayin’ here. Big time. My pencil sharpener is dancing on the end of it’s rubber band. Every now and then there’s a big creak and immediately following it I feel a bit light-headed, or like an invisible hand is just pushing me ever so slightly sideways. The swaying is not having the nauseous effect on me that I thought it would. It’s actually making me very sleepy. The feeling I have is one of extreme tiredness, slight disorientation and a little off-balance. It is pretty much exactly like what jet lag does to me. I have that feeling like I’ve been on a plane for 2 days and I’m fighting off sleep. It is hard to concentrate on work, but I’d rather feel like this than nauseous.


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