Our elecricity bill has hit an all-time high – $250!! For two people in an apartment. No need for heating when I opened that bill – my blood was boiling! No matter how many times the Mister explains the concept of supply and demand, I just cannot understand why electricity is more expensive in the winter. I am quite happy that we are using more of it, but given that we’re both out at work 10+ hours a day 6 days a week and we have reduced the computer population in the house by half, I wouldn’t expect our electricity consumption to have doubled!

Why is it more expensive? Is it because as a country we are using so much of it that we are going to use it all up, so the hike in prices is designed to make us more mindful of our consumption? Or (if I understand the supply and demand theory) Genesis simply looks at their little electricityometer and sees that usage has sky rocketed and rubs their hands together uttering “more KW = more $$” purely to line their pockets? Or is it because of the nasty weather causing hundreds of people to be without power down south – they see the potential loss in revenue so hike the price for the rest of us to make up for the loss due to these people in the dark and cold using no electricity for a week or two?

I know back in the day electricity was a luxury and now we consider it a commodity which makes it even harder to swallow the supply and demand thing.

Sigh. All I can do is pay the bill early and it’ll only be $225 – whoop-de-do.


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