Nighttime memorial

We went to a memorial service for Amy at the Fuel roastery last night. It was amazing. Staff and customers mingled in candlelight and listened to a grief counsellor speak. Various emails sent by Amy when on her travels and an application letter she’d written to apply for the job of head barista were read out by Sanjay. Emails from staff and friends from the cafe where she worked at the ski resort in Utah were read out. One of the girls who worked with Amy on the day she was killed spoke about what it was like at work that day. A guy who had only worked for Fuel for 2 weeks read a poem he’d written.

It really was amazing. And it’s what I’d want I think. People remembered and shared and cried and in that moment saw and felt their support network for those that were there were there because the effect on us is all the same.


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