Jury Service # 1 – 2nd time

I was such an old hand when I attended for Jury Service this morning. It was all so familiar seeing as I was there only 18 months ago. If you have served in the last 2 years you may use that as a reason to be excused but I’m not sure if this is just an option that exists or whether they track those who are called and/or attend and therefore don’t call them up again for 2 years. If this is the case, changing my name in the last 2 years obviously fooled them.

I was so well prepared for all the waiting – I took my Christmas cards and address list and stamps and got that job out of the way. Then I unveiled my book of accounting principles in the vague hope that in case that old  I’m-too-important-to-do-jury-service-in-my-suit look still didn’t prevent me from being chosen to sit on a jury, that looking like an accountant might!

Those of us who were not called in the first ballot were taken to a courtroom but I escaped that ballot as well so was on my way back to work by 11.30 with instructions to phone in tomorrow to see if I need to report again.


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