Coffee people

Coffee people are a special kind of people. And those who take it seriously in their own homes are a breed unto themselves, and all over the world it seems, exhibit the same behaviour. I was just surfin’ around from a friend’s flickr site and found a guy with a flickr site that has a ‘Coffee Related’ section.

I see so many commonalities in my own behaviour:

  1. Blog and/or take photos of exceptional cups of coffee at cafes.
  2. Only go to the same one or two cafes for the daily fix(es).
  3. Get a really shiny machine for home.
  4. Get all the equipment to go with the home machine.
  5. Name the machine and grinder (this guy’s are called Miss Silvia & Rocky; mine are Vibby & Mazzer).
  6. Take photos and/or video the first couple of attempts (his, mine).
  7. Never stop attempting latte art and never get the hang of it.

Man the internet makes the world a small place. I feel kinda special knowing I’m not alone in my sometimes obsessive behaviour when it comes to coffee.


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