Random thoughts on a Sunday

  • Whenever I have a day, or a substantial period of time to myself, I clean and iron and polish and tidy our stuff. And feel depressed that of all the things I could do for myself in the time that is mine alone, I choose to clean. I don’t have a thing to choose.
  • Is it a boy/girl thing or just a me/Mister thing that we can quite clearly see traits of my parents in my behaviour (or in some cases the exact behaviour) yet in the Mister they are fewer and much less recognisable?
  • You have to take toiletries in a small clear plastic bag in containers of no more than 100mls on international flights now.
  • I don’t know my sister’s address, not in a lemme-just-get-my-address-book-to-confirm kind of way, but I just don’t know where she lives anymore.
  • I still feel guilty after laying what I suppose is a complaint against the new barista at Hunter Street Fuel. He has a somewhat challenging attitude and maybe I am a self-centred coffee snob expecting special Fuel customer treatment but to be told that I can just order a flat white like everyone else instead of trying to tell him how to do his job by being specific in my order of a double latte which he told me is just the same, is not a confrontation I expect to encounter at Fuel. I think he’s in trouble and now I have to avoid Hunter St.


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