Air hostesses

Long gone are the days of tight blondes in short skirts. Especially on Air NZ. I noticed flying this time and the few times before that that due to our PC and EEO ways we can no longer discriminate when hiring air crew and that anyone has a right to get into a Zambesi uniform and make our journey enjoyable. On our last flight we were served by a woman who could easily have been a small-town grandmother and another guy who looked as though he was an ex-rugby player. Lufthansa was a little different – there was a bit of uniformity going on there with looks and stereotypes.

Talking to someone about this I discovered she used to be an air hostess (in the UK) and not so long ago it seems she had to parade up and down during an interview and was told that if she could fit into the uniform she would be considered for the position. Plus a couple of other horror stories about having to write in to request changing your hair colour even if by only two shades of the current colour! Struth!


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