Lunchtime outings

In an effort to see some daylight and not work too hard for a while I have gone out with a friend the last 2 lunchtimes in a row. Haven’t done that since I was about 22 in my first job! Anyway, noticed a few things:

  • There are a lot of people on the street and a lot of women in shoe shops.
  • There’s quite a few people around Wellington at the moment that shout. I mean just random people on their own shouting at the world – saw 2 of them today alone.
  • House of G have just released their range of t-shirts with designs printed on them by top NZ fashion designers in order to raise money for breast cancer research. Strange thing is, while I was standing in the store waiting for my friend, half a dozen women came in asking for large sizes – 18’s, 20’s and the like. The t-shirts don’t go up to that size. It struck me that these women were all a bit older and had started to (no diplomatic way of saying this) ‘spread’ and they and their friends and mothers could well be right in the market for these t-shirts as they are more likely to be women who have suffered breast cancer and therefore want to do all they can to stop it happening to others. T-shirts to fit flat-chested teen body shapes are just not in demand in this case – not sure who thought up the size range. I felt pretty sad for these women – I know just what it’s like to have your mind set on something to buy and when you can’t find it it’s just so disappointing.


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