What defines you?

Often I hear of amazing things people that I know are doing and can’t help but line myself up along side them which usually has the depressing side-effect of making myself feel rather useless! Things people do or experiences they have tend to define them (and seem way more romantic/grown up/important/noteworthy than mine). I know people who:

  • Was/is big chief someone at big company so-and-so
  • Started company blah and got a huge contract/listed/folded/expanded/got noticed Internationally/was sold in their first year
  • Moved to Washington/New York/San Francisco/Switzerland/London
  • Got a PhD/Doctorate/Scholarship in something-or-other and now lectures overseas
  • Sold company blah for millions
  • Was Young Achiever/Entrepreneur/Gold Award winner of the year
  • Is Manager/Director/Chief of something
  • Had a baby
  • Was in the paper/magazine, on the radio/TV
  • Is/was the husband/wife of someone in a band/politics/on TV/who died/did something media-worthy
  • Owns the blah business/shop/building/restaurant

Me? I am the one who likes orange.

Colourful, but not much else!

Obviously that’s only part of the story, I’ve known plenty of people that have been defined by darker experiences – money/health/family dramas, death, unemployment/bad business decisions. I guess it just depends on what the majority of your circle of people are doing at a point in time that provides the benchmark.


#1 Jolene on 04.30.08 at 12:28 am

I’ve got two more!

* makes people around the world happy with her blog
* is an accomplished knitting artist who’s pieces are worn by infants and orange girls around the world

#2 Orange Girl on 04.30.08 at 12:34 am

Aww shucks – thanks! ‘Knitting artist’ – I like it 🙂

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