Pearly whites

Is there really any need to burst into tears the minute you enter the exam room and see your dentist, whom you’ve seen regularly over many many years, even though you’re now on the coveted 18-month visit list (and the same for the hygienist which is an even harder privilege to attain) from when he first arrived at the practice and had a room out the back and now has a room with a view and his name on the building and the same assistant for many years, and really is a lovely guy who knows you hate seeing him but welcomes you with a comforting smile anyway and always comments on the orange and hardly ever gives a filling, well not for the last 4 years anyway, and when he does my god does he sweat with nerves because you’re so wound up, and the appointment is only 7 minutes long because your teeth are in excellent excellent condition?

Honestly! I’m getting worse and worse as every 18 months passes.


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