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Google Analytics has been running away in the background over Help Centre for a couple of months now and often enough I look at the number of hits and top pages viewed. However this week I was shown how to take a close look at some of the graphs and charts and the one thing that blew me away was the map – where the Help Centre visitors are coming from.

You know me, pretty hopeless with politics and geography and I’d glossed over this map up until now thinking the green was some kind of shading that if not representing the commonwealth was an indicator of something else similar – highest rainfall, more than one official language, MMP, nuclear free … shrug (you have to wonder why I thought that in the context of site traffic analysis. Honestly!) In fact, it’s all the countries where Help Centre visitors have come from. AMAZING! I’m an international author!!!! And on drilling down further I found some little gems – like someone in a small town in France who spent 10 minutes reading a few pages!! Must say, I’m feeing quite awesome right now 🙂


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