Zoo visit

Following on from the excitement of seeing the little giraffe (since named Seun) transported through Wellington to his new home at the zoo, we went up there yesterday to see him. Haven’t been to the Wellington Zoo in ages and it was a lovely day for it – most of the animals were dozing in the sun (except for those in way too small cages who were pacing … like the poor cheetah – don’t they run something like 30 m p/h? – their cage was barely big enough for them to get up a trot) and we were rewarded with an excellent view of Seun and his big companions from a viewing platform on the new giraffe enclosure. At least he looked pretty happy. And actually not that little!

On the way to find the giraffes we were rather sickened to see the wild dogs getting their breakfast – bits of cut up fresh-killed goat. I mean there’s a certain amount of ‘it’s just a TV programme’ if you see a nature show where animals kill and feast but to see it right there in front of my eyes – the growling and tearing and dog running to with a head dangling out of its mouth was just a bit too educational for me. Unfortunately the crowds of people standing there with videos and cameras are likely to have an orange blur in some of their footage as I fled the scene.


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