Magical brolly

The Mister finally got to take his new pixie umbrella out this morning as it was the first rain since his parents brought the umbrella back from the States for him. It’s some fancy hi-tech design that apparently doesn’t blow inside out … even when you stand behind a jet engine or jump out of an aeroplane with it. We’re now waiting to see if Wellington’s wind which never goes steadily in one direction like a jet engine is a suitable challenge for it!

(It’s not really called ‘pixie’, it’s Senza.)


#1 The Mister on 05.23.08 at 7:34 am

It’s not a "pixie"! It’s a stealth bomber!

#2 penny on 05.24.08 at 10:33 pm

You’ve tried it in the rain and wind and looking at the the "ordinary" umbrellas in the photos it seems to work so now try it jumping out of a plane!
P.S. No don’t.

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