Tempt cupcakes

Bit of a buzz around the town about Tempt – a new cupcake station in the Old Bank Arcade. Someone bought me one – the orange one (duh!) and my god it was divine! 

The cake itself was not at all conveyor belt but tasted home made and very light. The icing was sweet and rich. Not sure what flavour I’ll try next. Maybe coffee and pecan. Mmmmm. My only *small* criticism would be that there’s probably a tad too much icing on them. It’s a common trap cafes, bakeries etc seem to make – perhaps it’s to drown the taste of substandard cake but in this case there’s no need. Unless you get a bite of cake on its own you can’t actually taste the cake.

http://www.tempt.net.nz/ And yep – it’s a stupid site made with Flash so I can’t link to the cupcake list, you have to go to the site then click on the ‘Products’ menu yourself.

Update: went by Tempt a few days later to find out when they’re open as our Blenheim friends want to go visit when they’re here – snuck my own photo of the rows of cakes in the fridge.

There’s even one (middle bottom) that is a cupcake version of the good old afghan cookie! With little individual cornflakes on it and everything!


#1 jeffrey on 06.08.08 at 9:22 am

YES flash websites are so stupid

#2 Jolene on 06.09.08 at 12:56 am

Thanks a LOT! Now I have a maddening craving for Dinkel’s cupcakes, and no way to get ’em because it’s Sunday night and they’re closed:


sooooooo gooooooooood

They’ll be open in 10 hours – I think I’ll make it, but just barely! (o;

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