The flight of time

I was chatting to someone a week or so ago about plans they have for moving on and saving and travelling and making changes. They’ve been doing the same thing for 2 years – just aaaaaaages to this person who is actually under 20 years old. It got me thinking that for me 2 years sometimes feels like nothing – it can fly by so quickly. Yes time flies. And why as we get older does it fly faster? I’m sure many have pondered this question. One thought I had is that once you’re ‘grown up’ you have to start making decisions for yourself and without realising it, all these decisions and getting yourself on with your life actually take up more time than you realise. When we’re young and our parents make decisions for us, all we’re doing is waiting around for what to do next – waiting for class to start, waiting for our dinner, waiting to be told to get the washing in, waiting until we can get drive, waiting until we can move out etc etc. But once all that’s happened and everything becomes our own decision, that we have to make, even if it is to get up and go to work, that it all takes up time. Hmmm, bit of rambling there!


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