Bad latte & Belgium biscuits

Oh dear, had that awful awful experience this morning of having to say to the folks that we’re slowly getting to know at Gotham (as in we all know each other’s names and they think something is wrong if we don’t turn up by 9.30 Saturday morning and don’t need to take our order any more) that my coffee was too hot and milky. Man I *hate* doing it but they’re usually very picky with their coffee – we hear them muttering about the beans or machine being out of synch depending on the weather and often they ask us if the coffee is OK so we know they really care. And the coffee there is fantastic – eye watering fantastic – which is why this morning it was so disappointing that it wasn’t. Of course I was very apologetic for saying it was awful and they were very apologetic about it not being up to scratch and they made me another which was a goody.

And then – YUM – got a Belgium biscuit at Superfino with my late-lunch coffee – what memories! Nana used to make them whenever we visited – thin brown-coloured cinnamon and spice cookies sandwiched together with raspberry jam and toped with raspberry icing and 00’s and 000’s. Thanks Superfino!


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