Service or process?

We just had to endure the steaming balloon and crepe-paper-streamered world of Harvey Norman to find a replacement remote for the 11-year old video player … yes the guy raised his eyebrows when the Mister said what he wanted and asked “VHS?” … our equipment is obviously archaic. Anyway, we’ve come away with a $25 universal remote which being more recent technology has the capacity to apparently learn the commands of 1000 models of machines. Whether this is true or not it could’ve been worse, we could’ve easily come away with a new video player or a recordable DVD player or MySky or a new TV or even a new home theatre system – the cold must be slowing the Mister’s brain down. He missed his opportunity there!

Aaaaaanyway, the counter/payment system there is strange. You’re escorted up to the counter with the floor assistant that helped you out (in our case we were solo, obviously purchases of $25 don’t qualify) where you pay and get the huge dot-matrix printed receipt (and they laughed because we still used VHS?). I know in big stores like that you expect to be processed rather than served but I still find it rather rude when a floor assistant who’s brought someone up to wait on line behind you pushes up to the front and talks over the top of your purchase to tell the cashier that the guy 2 places down with an i-Pod dock should be coded to his sales.

And then on  the way home we got HAILED on. Quite exciting really. Well I had on furry boots, long socks, 2 jerseys, scarf, hat and gloves so didn’t mind. Most times I’m inside when it hails so to be out in it was quite novel. And now it’s gloriously sunny again!

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#1 The Mister on 07.05.08 at 1:18 am

Whatever! I love the thought that we could have come out of Harvey Norman with a new home theatre but I seriously doubt I would have got away with it. Having said that, both the remote and the LCD display for the amp is broken – shall we take another trip down to Harvey Norman this afternoon? 😉

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