Coupon savings

Went to the supermarket early this morning for a change. It’s far less pleasurable than wandering along to Moore Wilsons but we have to face it every 3-4 weeks. And we saved $15 this week through our choice of products with coupons! You don’t want to know how much we had to spend that the totalled savings got that high! And the petrol coupon we got on the till receipt was only 4c/litre off … I thought if you spent over $200 it was something like 10c off!

Anyway, had a little drive around enjoying the spring day. Perved at a guy in a very nice black S5 – young guy with very nice specs (as in eye glasses!) and clothes – and spent a bit of time discussing what we thought he did for a living that afforded him a car like that.

Oriental Parade was lovely – before it started raining again.


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